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Tapered equipment

”The lowest cost per metre drilled” has long been synonymous with Secoroc products. Our Uppercut tapered equipment is no exception. In fact, we’re confident that you’ll be enjoying higher drilling productivity, straighter holes and longer service life than ever before.

Tapered products first appeared on the scene in the 1960s. To say that quality has improved since those bygone days is an understatement. With benefits like above, it’s easy to see why tapered equipment is grabbing market share from integrals- especially in mining applications and the dimensional stone industry. To us, it makes perfect sense.

Bits with bite

The Secoroc Uppercut range compromises button and cross-type bits in an extensive selection of design configurations. Moreover, we’ve added two new models with an extra front button for improved hole straightness, higher penetration rate and a longer service life. These designs can be used in a variety of rock formations for maximum productivity. Furthermore, our range of ballistic button bits is in the process of being extended to meet ever more diverse demands.

Tough rods for a tough life

Rods have a tough life, transferring the percussion energy from rock drill to bit and then into the rock. They’re also subjected to high bending stress, not to mention corrosive water in the flushing hole. These harsh facts have not only guided us in our selection of steel quality, manufacturing technique and heat treatment processes, but also in our decision to have a rolled-in stainless lining throughout the entire length of the flushing hole.

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