Drill Bits

Selecting the Right Bit

Atlas Copco Secoroc has a comprehensive range of DTH drill bits to match all conceivable applications. Each bit is made from quality alloy steel, and has been precision machined to produce a perfect body, heat treated to the required hardness, given surface compression for fatigue resistance, and fitted with precision buttons manufactured in-house.

Five basic designs are available: Convex, Flat front, SpeedBit, Concave, and Rocket bit. These are designed for specific applications for all rock types, hardness’s and conditions

Bit life and rate of penetration are the most important criteria in selecting the right bit for a particular application. In most cases, the focus is on productivity, so the fast cuttings removal features of the SpeedBit and Convex/Ballistic designs are preferable, to ensure the buttons are cutting clean, with the minimum of recrushing.

In hard and abrasive formations, however, the flat front design offers best bit life, having strong gauge rows with large spherical buttons which are easy to regrind and maintain. The SpeedBit offers improved productivity with the same gauge as the Flat front, but with ballistic buttons in the front for faster penetration. An alternative is the Concave design with spherical buttons.

The Rocket bit can be dressed with ballistic buttons for use in soft to medium hard formations where fractured rock can be expected, or can be supplied with spherical buttons for hard and abrasive formations.

Bits are manufactured to match all diameters of . Secoroc hammers.

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